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Guitar sponge Special

1594EAN5905851003253yellow | Thermo foil | 1 pcs | 6 in a carton
1594MEAN5905851001594yellow | welded | 5 pcs | 10 in a carton

Guitar sponge Special

Professioneller Autoschwamm zum Waschen


Composition and technical data:
flexible polyurethane ether foam with a sponge structure obtained by foaming

A professional car washing sponge. The materials used and the production technology allowed us to create foam with exceptional properties. The sponge is characterized by large pores that make it easier to draw dirt and sand deep into the foam. Thanks to this, there is no risk of scratching the varnish during washing. At the same time, large pores facilitate the washing out of dirt. The sponge is very elastic, which means that it adapts perfectly to the shape of the surface being washed and cleaning is easier and faster. The raw materials used make the sponge extremely durable. Thanks to this, it can be used much longer than a regular sponge, saving time and money.



Washing recommendations:
Do not machine wash.

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